Articles By: Marc Soss

Estate Planning for Same Sex Couples

estate planning2

Over the years, estate planning attorneys have drafted documents for same sex couples (legally married, civil union, or domestic partnership) without knowledge of whether the couple’s relationship would ever receive federal recognition. Only couples living in a state which recognizes these relationships will benefit from these rights. In contrast, the federal “Defense of Marriage Act”… Read more →

Proper Use of a Qualified Disability Trusts Can Provide Income Tax Savings Opportunities

Qualified Disability Trust

The use of a “Special Needs Trust” (“Trust”) has become an important component in planning for a special needs individual and enabling them gain eligibility for government benefits (Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), or public housing). Proper utilization of the Trust can remove funds from being considered an available resource of the beneficiary while enabling… Read more →

The Importance of Discussing Your Estate Plan

estate planning

Many individuals resist planning (creating a Will or Trust) for the eventual disposal of their financial assets (home, stocks, bonds, etc.) upon their death. Individuals that fail to plan will have their assets administered pursuant to state statutes and under court supervision. Those individuals that do not desire to have others making personal decisions for… Read more →