Illinois Legislators Propose New Sin Taxes


Illinois legislators have proposed two new bills that would create new so-called “sin tax” on ammunition and strip clubs.

The first bill was introduced early this month by Illinois State Representative Kelly Cassidy, 14th District Democrat, imposes a 2 percent tax on the sale of ammunition.  House Bill 5167 would create a 2 percent surcharge on the selling price of firearm ammunition.  The new surtax would begin January 1, 2013.

The bill would create a High Crime Trauma Center Grant Fund in which the funds would be used to pay for medical care in high crime areas.

The bill has been condemned by the Illinois State Rifle Association.

“The lawful firearm owners of this state are under no obligation to pay medical bills racked up by gang bangers, druggies, and other violent criminals,” commented ISRA Executive Director Richard Pearson. “The assumption behind HB5167 is that somehow the state’s hunters and sportsmen are to blame for violent crime and, therefore, should be forced to pony up and pay for others’ misdeeds.”

The bill has been assigned to the Executive Committee.

The second bill proposed by Illinois State Senator Toi Hutchinson, Olympia Fields Democrat, would impose a $5 entrance fee for anyone entering live adult entertainment facilities that include striptease clubs or other business that has nude or partially denuded individuals.

The revenue from the Live Adult Entertainment Facility Tax Act, SB3348, would be used to fund a Sexual Assault Prevention Fund and grants will be made from the fund to organizations that provide community-based assistance to victims of sexual assault.

The bill states that crime statistics show that crimes of all types, especially sex-related crimes, occur at a higher rate near sexually oriented businesses.

The bill has been assigned to Revenue Committee of which Senator Hutchinson is the chairperson.

9 Responses to “Illinois Legislators Propose New Sin Taxes”

  1. Henry J

    I enjoy the hobby of sports shooting and I have also been a recreational hunter for over 20 years. I don’t feel Bill 5167 would be fair to those responsible parties that have nothing to do with a “High Crime Trauma Center” or the crimes being committed unlawfully. Let’s find real solutions to these problems. Thank you for the informative post!

  2. Peter

    The Illinois government is so corrupt why would we ever give them another penny? Stop this mess and as they say throw the bums out. We need a clean sweep especially the Democrats and Dump Dick Durbin

  3. Michael

    It would be nice to know what happens if you load your own ammo, how will the state attempt to control those individuals? and what law enforcement body will be enforcing this new tax? Just more tax policies that will have have law abiding Illinoisans running to Wisconsin, Missouri, Iowa, and Indiana.

    • Henry J

      Michael, I totally agree with you here, seems like poor planning on this proposed direction.

  4. Brent

    I guess this would bring ammo into line with the 10% city tax in Chicago. But I guess if they just raise a tax on every item incrimentally they will not need to raise the sales tax, generally.

  5. Forrest

    So what happens when a gang-banger is arrested and his bullets do not have a tax stamp? Do you think the state will add tax evasion to his charges of carrying an unlicensed firearm? Idiots, all of them.

    • Peter

      I agree 100% – they are all idiots and need to be removed from office. Cut state expenditures and eliminate the incremental taxation. They are bleeding us dry. My gosh they doubled the tollway fees – where does it all end.

  6. john

    We in Michigan, Indiana and Wisconsin hope that the Illinois legislators keep it up. Send us your rich, your captains of industry, your retired, your overly-taxed…..

  7. Paul

    I think everyone is to blame for a society’s violent crimes. Or, at the least everyone should have a hand in fixing them. Both programs are a good start and I think it is a great move. Dump the guns and perversion!


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