Stop Shaving and Grow the ‘Stache’ for a Tax Deduction

Mustache Deduction

There are plenty of credits and deductions that apply to specific groups of people, be it homeowners, teachers, or students. But why not for the mustached cohort of taxpayers?  The American Mustache Institute is wondering the same thing.

The American Mustache Institute, an organization that has tasked itself with protecting the rights of and fighting discrimination against mustached Americans by promoting the growth, care, and culture of the mustache, has proposed a $250 tax deduction for the cost of mustache grooming supplies.

The so-called “Stache Act” is based on a paper by Dr. John Yeutter from Northeastern State University titled “Mustached Americans and the Triple Bottom Line: An Analysis of the Impact of the Mustache on Modern Society and a Proposal for a Mustached American Tax Incentive.”

In the paper, Dr. Yeutter examines the environmental, social, and economic impact of the growth and maintenance of labia secuculas (Latin for “lip sweaters”). He concludes that “stached” Americans should be provided an itemized deduction for expenses exceeding 2 percent of their adjusted gross income.

Some of the expenses listed in the paper include:

  • Mustache and beard trimming instruments
  • Mustache wax and weightless conditioning agents
  • DVD collections of “Magnum P.I.” and “Smokey & the Bandit”
  • Burt Reynolds wallet-sized photos

Senator Approval

“There is a long road ahead for this important legislation,” said AMI Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Abraham Jonas Froman, in a statement on the group’s website, reported by the Chicago Tribune. “We thank Representative Bartlett for stepping forward in the fight for fiscal parity for people of facial hair–both women and men.”

Maryland Republican Representative, Roscoe Bartlett, also a man of the “stache,” has since declined approval of the Act after primary opponents jumped on the news and began criticizing Bartlett.

Million Mustache March

To promote the bill, the American Mustache Institute has organized a Million Mustache March on April 1, 2012, in Washington, D.C.  For each March participant, H&R Block will make a donation to Millions From One, a non-profit organization providing clean water to those in need across the world.

6 Responses to “Stop Shaving and Grow the ‘Stache’ for a Tax Deduction”

  1. Jeff

    Burt Reynolds was my hero growing up ! LOL A taxpayer that would be eligible for a deduction amounting to the excess of the 2% of AGI would probably not be in the tax paying bracket.

  2. Marc

    Of all of the things going on in our country right now…this is the fight we should get behind? ya, right… get a job


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